AI Images are Everywhere

A new generation of text-to-image generators inspired a wave of experimentation, transforming text descriptions into brilliant artworks and photorealistic fantasies. Commercial enterprises were fast to press the technology into service, making image generation a musthave tool in software for creating and editing graphics.

OpenAI DALL-E, Stable Difussion and MidJourney are just a few of the top prominent open source/commercial projects.

Projects began springing up to adapt the technology for a host of specific objectives. from product design to medical imaging to creative expression. In the creative sphere artists began exploring the possibilities of text-to-image technology. In some cases they eschewed traditional programs and tools in favor of completely new form of visual expression.

Designers sought to hone their craft further by employing the technology to generate textures, accents and surface details to create a new breed of custom designs. Others tried to exploit it for its potential of telling stories and creating art of literary art. The most innovative designers used it to create artwork that seemed to transcend conventional categories of art, yielding emotionally charged pieces that seemed to grow organically before one’s eyes.

The appeal of technology was its ability to blur the line between artist and viewer: with the right choice of words (prompts), the viewer could become the artist in this digital age. This open-ended collaboration – now easily accessible to the average user – offered an exciting new form of creative collaboration and catalyzed an explosion of experimentation.

Most impressively, text-to-image generators enabled anyone to create unique and inspiring works of art. Suddenly, the task of creating the next-generation of photo-realistic visuals or beautiful digital landscapes is no longer requiring ears of practice, schooling or any other type of special expertise. With text-to-image generators, anyone with a computer and an Internet connection could make captivating digital art.

The question remains, who’s the true artist?

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